Dr. Ulf Henning Richter

Advisor for Global Business and Strategy, Managing Director of Richterion Ltd.


Dr. Ulf Henning Richter is currently Managing Director of Richterion Ltd., and he is also an advisor, public speaker and author focusing onInternational AdvisoryincludingStrategy & Project Development, Strategy Implementation, Transaction Services and etc. His ongoing research projects and speaking appointments focus on China-specific, global strategy, and global governance related topics. His advisory experiences regionally covering Asia, Europe, Africa and Latin America, with expertise involving sectorsof Automotive and Retailing, Infrastructure, Mining, Oil & gas, Waste & Waste Water and etc.

Dr. Ulf Henning Richter was an Associate Professorof Global Business and Strategy at TongjiUniversity, based in Shanghai, China. He receivedhis Doctorate in Economic Sciencesfrom HEC Lausanne, Switzerland, and an MBA from European BusinessSchool, Oestrich-Winkel in Germany. He isalso a Visiting Scholar with the Social InnovationCentre at INSEAD, Membership Secretaryof the AIB Sub-Saharan Chapter, and was previouslya Visiting Fellow at Harvard University.

Dr. Richter’s publications center around the link between global production systems and shifting sup-ply chains, social transition and global governance, strategic innovation and lasting sustainable changein emerging markets. A particular focus lies on China’s unprecedented re-emergence as global economic and political power, its quest for innovation and technology acquisition from Western countries, andits move into Africa, the Middle East and Latin America in its search for resources, markets, and political allies.