Junhao Zhao

Vice President of Hisen Holding, President of Hangzhou Hongtu Equity Investment Fund Management Co., Ltd.


Mr. Zhao Junhao is a Senior Economist who holds a Senior Management Certificate from the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants, and is President of Fudan University Alumni Industry Investment Club. He is also Entrepreneurship Supervisor at Jiao Tong University’s Entrepreneurship School in Shanghai, Director of M&A and the Reorganization Committee at the Shanghai Jing’an District Finance and Financial Management Association.

He has been working in well-known investment institutions for 18 years, serving as an executive in the top 500 foreign-owned enterprises for seven years and as a general manager of private equity funds for many years. He is equipped with extensive experience in two-way investment and M&A for both domestic companies and multinational companies. He is adept at investment M&A, and familiar with a combination of industry and finance, post-investment management, M&A, and exits in primary and secondary markets.The well-known projects that he has successfully invested in or managed include Sense Time, Himalaya, Tencent Music, Vodafone, 36Kr, and new energy vehicles from Sitech Dev.