Rose Wang

Director, the Czech Republic Pavilion in Shanghai Free Trade Zone
General Manager, Sino-Czech (Shanghai) Industrial Co., Ltd.


Ms. Rose Wang is the director of the Czech Republic Pavilion, the first national pavilionto receive governmental approval in China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone. Rose has been involved in preparing the construction of many national pavilion projects in the Shanghai Free Trade Zone, and witnessed the rapid development of the Shanghai’s own Pilot Free Trade Zone in the fields of trade and services since its establishment.

Rose has extensive theoretical knowledge and experience in cross-border investment, special trade patterns, and international supply chain services in the Free Trade Zone. Since its establishment, the Czech Republic Pavilion has provided a wide range of services for government agencies and corporate clients in cross-border investment, culture and education, and tourism and trade, further promoting the cooperation and development between China, Czech, and even Europe.

During her 25-year career, Rose has worked in several well-known European and American multinational companies in the fields of international engineering, advanced technology, and international law. She has accumulated extensive experience in areas including international cooperation, international trade, project operations, foreign exchange finance, procurement and supply chain, financial management, and human resource management. Rose has long been familiar with the various policies of the Shanghai Free Trade Zone, and has made use of these policy advantages to make an indispensable contribution to the enterprises it serves.