Shanshan Wu

Chief Advisor China, ABA-Invest in Austria


Ms. Shanshan Wu is the Chief Advisor China of ABA-Invest in Austria, the official investment promotion agency owned and operated by Austrian government. She providesprofessional consulting service to companieswhich are interested in setting up business in Austria. In the past 8 years, Ms. Wu built strong expertise across Austrian company law, tax, work permit, M&A, commercial properties, market survey, and public relations etc.With her deep understanding of Chinese and Austrian business cultureandextensive network, she helps over 50 clients(eg. companies from automotive, automation, machinery, finance/banking, aviation, logistic sectors) realize their operation in Austria.


Ms. Wu graduated from Fudan University. Prior joining ABA, Ms. Wu worked in Vienna at top university and telecommunication corporation for 7 years. She has substantial experience in international trade and business cooperation.