Stanley Lu

Partner, Turing Capital


Stanley Luis the Partner of Turing Capital, a venture capital investing in tech startups,which have the potential to become the next big things. Turing Capital was foundedby the former Founding Partner of KPCB China who has been ranked as the TopInvestor in China by Forbes for 10 years. Stanley invested into leading startups andteams in areas including artificial intelligence, robotics and nanotech. He improvedthe long-term strategic advantages and supported the business expansion of theportfolio companies by connecting them with top industrial corporates and financingresources. Over his career, he invested in and supported the leading tech companies,which generate not only capital gain but also positive social impact.


Before joining Turing Capital, Stanley was Managing Partner of Solaris Capital and Founding Member of VStone Capital – Private Equity. He also worked for Bosch – Venture Arm, McKinsey & Co. and Citigroup.


Mr. Lu’s academic qualifications include MBA of Rotman School of Management in University of Toronto and BSC in Electronic Engineering in Fudan University.