Thomas Wang

Member of the Management Board
Funk Group


Thomas Wang (王弨仁) is a member of the management board of the Funk Group – Germany’s largest family-run, independent, international insurance broker and risk consultant company. He is responsible for sales for multinational corporations operating via inhouse brokers. He is in charge of the Funk interests in China and heads the Funk China division. Furthermore he is responsible for insurance and risk management solutions for the start-up industry.


After graduating from Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration, Thomas Wang started working in Hamburg as an assistant to the Funk management board. He then gained experience in sales and account management for international key accounts. During this time he also acted as a quality management officer for Funk International. In 2000 he took on the role of Head of Risk Consulting and expanded the risk consulting business at Funk. In 2002 he became the managing director of Funk’s Austrian subsidiary, Funk International Austria GmbH, which achieved a leading market position as a corporate insurance broker in Austria under his leadership. Thomas Wang became a partner of Funk International Austria in 2012. In 2017 he was appointed to the management board of the Funk Group in Hamburg.