Yuanhong Pang

Senior Operation Director, Alibaba Cloud Innovation Center Shanghai Jiading Base, Assistant to General Manager of InnoSpring Incubator


Mr. Yuanhong Pang is the Assistant to the General Manager of InnoSpring Incubator, and the Senior Operation Director at Alibaba Cloud Innovation Center Shanghai Jiading Base. He has extensive experience in providing scientific and technological innovation services. Currently he is working for the international sector in InnoSpring. Pang helps overseas hi-tech enterprises to settle and develop in China, and he also helps domestic innovative sci-tech enterprises to enter overseas markets. One of his daily tasks is coordinating local governments’ resources, colleges and universities, and large enterprises and investment funds in order to facilitate the rapid development of innovative sci-tech enterprises at home and abroad.

As a long-term industrial innovation service provider engaged in investment and incubation in China and the United States, InnoSpring has invested in more than 60 sci-tech start-ups in the US (some of which have been listed on Nasdaq) since its establishment in 2012. Since 2017, InnoSpring has intensified its cooperation with European governments and innovation service agencies, focusing on intelligent manufacturing, intelligent building and biomedicine.